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While there are many different GIMP forums of there, our own forums provide an extended way to communicate because they are connected to the official GIMP mailing lists.

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GIMP Development
Latest threads in GIMP Development
closed GIMP-2.99 "No rule to make target 'gimpoperationmaskcomponents.c'" 4 Elle Stone 17 Feb 20:08
closed Compilation errors in file-dds plugin under CentOS7 and GCC 6.4.0 2 Carmelo DrRaw via gimp-developer-list 17 Feb 18:36
closed Gtk4 7 Massimo Fidanza via gimp-developer-list 14 Feb 09:07
Plugin Transformatiion controled by 2-4 points 1 Urmel_x 06 Feb 21:44
closed Is there any way to free Gimp memory and avoid restarting it? 12 jEsuSdA 8) 06 Feb 20:07