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GIMP introduces basic out-of-canvas editing!

By at 2019-11-03 13:27:58 UTC, last updated over 4 years ago. CC BY-NC License

Out-Of-Canvas-Display - the red dotted lines show you the canvas boundaries Out-Of-Canvas-Display - the red dotted lines show you the canvas boundaries

With GIMP 2.10.14 there will be the possibility to view and (basically) edit pixels outside of the canvas.

In the current version GIMP 2.10.14 there is an option in View → Show all to display the content of pixels that are outside of the canvas. Previously people had a hard time when it came to getting the contents of the non-visible out-of-canvas area. Additionally the dev team introduced some updates for GIMP tools so that this feature becomes more useful. You can now do the following outside the canvas:

  • Color and patch picking
  • Transform and crop layers
  • Bucket fill
  • Heal/Clone with a source outside the canvas
  • other filters have been updated so that they can generate pixels out-of-canvas like the drop shadow filter.

This feature is a work-in-progress and more functionality like selection tools should come in the new versions. The final goal is to get a fully “boundless canvas”.

Other news in 2.10.14:

  • New filters: Normal Map, Bayer Matrix, Newsprint, Mean Curvature Blur
  • GIMP filters got replaced by GEGL pendants: Neon, Strech Contrast, Oilify
  • HEIF, TIFF, and PDF support improvements
  • Better loading of corrupt xcf files
  • GIMP is now compatible with macOS Catalina

Last but not least there is now a gitlab ci job always building the current master branch of GIMP for Windows. This should not! be used for production since there can be serious errors or incompatibilities with other versions. But just in case you want to give the most recent version a try… :-)

More details about all the new stuff can be read on the official website. Our downloads section already offers the recent versions.


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over 4 years ago

How is it possible that for 2.10.14 there is no user manual yet?! In any language! You make all kinds of improvements but you don't even ask yourself if the user can use your program!

over 4 years ago

Davies Media Design has a good video on this:

james81 rated this topic with 3/5
over 4 years ago

For an old dummy like me, the article could have been more descriptive. I really don't know what the new features are good for. It's not you all, it's me. I need explanations and examples. Always been that way. :)