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Our Web site currently has 16,750 users (thereof 6,430, 10,320). All further numbers are related to our English portal only.

The most recently registered users are Harrykevin, Henryweina, JasonK, and rakipira.

Last seen online: kospl, jayblight, timdehring, and CoddyG.

Totally, 4,413 comments have been written, including 120 image attachments!

News & polls

We're informing users about GIMP since 2007, having made 226 news articles (about 1.1 per month).

Your opinion was counted in 53 polls.


To do all 86 English tutorials without break, you would require about 2,041.0 minutes.


Until now, we have arranged 9 contests, which attracted 74 submissions.

Did you know that …?

… GIMP was born in 1998? The best times are yet to come ;)

… the period between GIMP 2.6 und GIMP 2.8 was the longest one (almost 4 years)?

… most of our tutorials have been written exclusively for