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Colorizing (only) with a Radial Gradient/ Alpha Channel

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Colorizing (only) with a Radial Gradient/ Alpha Channel Impish 09 Sep 16:14
2019-09-09 16:14:09 UTC (about 1 year ago)
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Colorizing (only) with a Radial Gradient/ Alpha Channel

Hi… I’m an amateur astronomical photographer. I’m also new to GIMP and this forum….. After years of imaging nighttime celestial objects, I started imaging the sun through a solar telescope. Best practice calls for imaging the sun with a monochrome camera, which is what I do (see my result in frame “A” of the attached/ referenced image). Many who share this hobby with me color the sun in post-processing. My attempt at doing this, using GIMP’s Colorize feature has produced what can be seen in frame “B”. While that’s OK, I want to get results that look like, what another amateur has produced and is pictured in frame “C”. I’m guessing some steps involving Alpha Channels, Radial Gradients and the color palette pictured in frame “D” is needed to make this happen, but I’ve yet to figure out the sequence of steps and settings to make this happen….. Any advise would be most appreciated!

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