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While there are many different GIMP forums of there, our own forums provide an extended way to communicate because they are connected to the official GIMP mailing lists.

  • Help & support forum
  • Graphics, design, GIMP art
  • Off-topic forum
Help & Support
Latest threads in Help & Support
How to stretch only the edge of a pic 3 GerryPeters 14 Nov 04:54
Batch Image Manipulation, it's time to implement it in GIMP 5 Davide Perini 14 Nov 04:25
DLL errors in Windows downloads on 2 Jurgen Schouten via gimp-user-list 13 Nov 23:48
Paint brush issue 3 Chris Groff via gimp-user-list 13 Nov 06:28
Copy wood from one pic into another 1 GerryPeters 12 Nov 22:48
GIMP Development
Latest threads in GIMP Development
closed GIMP Hacking:TODO page is not updated 3 Massimo Fidanza via gimp-developer-list 14 Nov 12:51
closed Options in blur filters 3 Julien Hardelin 14 Nov 09:19
closed Spyrogimp plugin rewrite 12 Elad Shahar via gimp-developer-list 05 Nov 18:07
Revising "Hacking:Building/Windows" page 10 PaulAThompson 02 Nov 23:00
closed median blur filter 5 Julien Hardelin 31 Oct 13:53