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While there are many different GIMP forums of there, our own forums provide an extended way to communicate because they are connected to the official GIMP mailing lists.

  • Help & support forum
  • Graphics, design, GIMP art
  • Off-topic forum
Help & Support
Latest threads in Help & Support
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Progressive jpg creation 3 JiminSA 25 Feb 19:52
Your message to gimp-user-list awaits moderator approval 1 24 Feb 09:45
gimp-user-list Digest, Vol 41, Issue 18 2 Bodo Eggert 23 Feb 19:35
Tired of losing images due to "exporting" instead of saving as png/jpg. 4 Bodo Eggert 22 Feb 16:25
GIMP Development
Latest threads in GIMP Development
closed Maintaining buffers in a custom format in GIMP for EXR support 4 Mukund Sivaraman 26 Feb 14:30
closed it is time... 6 peter sikking 25 Feb 22:50
closed Specifying chromaticities alongside gegl buffer data 1 Mukund Sivaraman 25 Feb 21:04
closed Layer to Image Size property 4 Joseph Bupe 25 Feb 18:59
closed Setup with Toolbar on the far right not remembered 1 Joseph Bupe 24 Feb 22:30