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Straighten an image in a pdf

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Straighten an image in a pdf brucemc777 29 Aug 14:41
2019-08-29 14:41:45 UTC (10 months ago)
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Straighten an image in a pdf

Good Morning and Hello!

I use GIMP to "fix" pdf files - eliminate blotches and hopefully straighten images from scans.

In attempting to straighten a scanned image, and in the immediate case, a driver's license that is off by some 22° or so, i :

import the pdf opening the page as an image, set my resolution to 300, then
selected View, Flip and Rotate,
Other Rotation Angle

and apparently i am all wrong for though this allows me to rotate the entire document so the image is horizontal, i don't seem to have a way to now print the image as horizontal, cropping still uses the alignment of the overall document.

As i am working with one image per document, i needn't worry about anything else on the scanned sheet, i just want to save to a new pdf (print to pdf) a straightened document!

Is there a way to achieve what i want?

brucemc777 (via