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Double contests action: "Colorizing with GIMP" contests launched!

By at 2015-04-06 12:22:46 UTC, last updated about 9 years ago. CC BY-NC License

Colorize Statues and Sculptures, Comics and Drawings in our new contests! Colorize statues and sculptures, comics and drawings in our new contests!

Double contest action: show your colorization skills in our two new contests!

We were a little short on this topic in the last years, so it’s high time to do something like that. Thus we’ve launched two contests covering the same topic but with different approches. Our first contest is all about colorizing comics or line drawings, while our second contest is more unconventional: The scope of this contest is to get a statue or stone sculpture to life by colorizing it in a fanciful or fantastic way.

You can use any tool you want, however GIMP must be used as the basic colorization tool. As always you’ll find the contests in the right column while they’re active. You can find the upload link for your submissions there, too!

We hope you’re enjoying the new contests and wish you a lot of creativity and fun ;-)


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about 9 years ago

I am trying to change the pencil tool color from black/white to any other color and regardless of the color I select, whether it be green, red, blue etc., it just changes the pencil color to different shades of gray. What am I doing wrong?