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printable art with gimp

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printable art with gimp alin33 12 Jan 14:42
2018-01-12 14:42:42 UTC (over 2 years ago)
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printable art with gimp

I'm using gimp to create digital art-most of the art is abstract and full of colours.I thought to start selling digital art on Etsy-I sell digital file and people print it by themselves. I'm aware that CMYK is the printing standard and gimp doesn't work well with it. My question is if I work with gimp and save jpg files with RGB 300 dpi-if it will be ok when people will print it-or it's a bad idea and from a proffessional point of view I should think of purchasing photoshop? I'm worried about the difference of colours of what people see on the screen and what comes in the printing and also resolutions issues.what would be your advice to me? My wish is to go with gimp because I know it well and it is free. The picture attached is not an example of my art.