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GTM crashes on large images

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GTM crashes on large images Joseph Barillari 20 Apr 05:45
Joseph Barillari
2003-04-20 05:45:32 UTC (over 17 years ago)

GTM crashes on large images

The fantastically cool Gimp Table Magic plugin warns the user when it's fed a particularly large image, suggesting that such a huge table may crash the receiving browser.

Some images, I've tried, however, were large enough to crash GTM *itself*.

The image (warning: it's 1.4 MB) causes GTM to crash with

/usr/lib/gimp/1.2/plug-ins/gtm: fatal error: Segmentation fault

In the plugin's settings, "Generate Full HTML Document", "Use Cellspan", and "Compress TD tags" are checked, cell content is empty, border, cell-padding, and cell-spacing are 0, and width and height are blank.

I'm running version 1.2.3 of the Gimp, from Debian Unstable:

jdb@bigbox:~$ dpkg -l '*gimp*'|grep ii ii gimp-data-extr 1.2.0-3 An extra set of brushes, palettes, and gradi ii gimp-manual 1.0.0-5 Manual for the GNU Image Manipulation Progra ii gimp1.2 1.2.3-2.4 The GNU Image Manipulation Program, stable v ii gimpprint-doc 4.2.5-2 Users' Guide for GIMP-Print and CUPS ii grokking-the-g 1.0-1 GIMP tutorial book by Carey Bunks (HTML) ii libgimp1.2 1.2.3-2.4 Libraries necessary to run the GIMP, version ii libgimp1.3 1.3.14-1 Libraries necessary to run the GIMP, develop ii libgimp1.3-dev 1.3.14-1 Headers and other files for compiling plugin ii libgimpprint1 4.2.5-2 Gimp-Print printer drivers - core library

Does anyone have any suggestions on the matter?

Thanks in advance,


P.S.: Please cc: me on replies, if possible.