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an almost beta web site

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an almost beta web site Carol Spears 18 Apr 18:54
Carol Spears
2003-04-18 18:54:46 UTC (over 17 years ago)

an almost beta web site

me and some of the finest software developers in the world have been working on a web site for the stable gimp.

i am anxious to get it working and looking at least as good as gimp-1.2 so that the structure and the existing information can work with a new web site that is at least as good as this gimp-1.4 is turning out to be.

one thing the site definately needs soon, are people to approve News and contest entries. unfortunately, this job might also mean digging up News to approve as well.

i hope to get ideas and volunteers, but at the same time, i risk missing a volunteer or idea. so i am asking that you do two things.

1) any web suggestions also be cc'ed to the gimp weblist

2) use some keywords like "style" or "interface" or "attr-rewriter" in the subject so that if i am distracted or on a drunken rampage, the proper team member will know to look at it.

3) CC it to me also. especially if it gets stuck waiting for approval to the gimp-web list. on a related note, i would like to tell you how depressing the waiting for approval mails are. smut and ink cartridges mostly. do not await approval on any mail list. like pulling diamonds out of the sewer, terrible. if you have a gem, best to sent it to any list directly.

if you would like to be involved with the web site, and would feel better being involved if you were to receive a hand typed apology from me, let me know. several apologies are owed, and each for a different reason, entirely. gimp and the gimp developers deserve better than some of the crap i have dished out.

on a more positive note, i have many many more tools to work with and a really big hard drive to fill with gimp goodness.

once again, thanks for your time happy gimping :)