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Grabbing mouse events from the Gimp

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Grabbing mouse events from the Gimp Michael Strorm 11 Apr 16:37
Michael Strorm
2003-04-11 16:37:16 UTC (over 17 years ago)

Grabbing mouse events from the Gimp

I'm developing a line-tracing application using Gimp and some custom plugins as the basis of the package. What I'd really like to be able to do is use the Gimp interface as well, so that (preferably) an appliaction external to gimp will be able to capture mouse events ('draw line', 'fill at x, y' etc) from Gimp and use them for processing.
Is there a simple way to achieve this? I don't have enough time to rewrite parts of the Gimp app itself, and I'm really looking for a simple way. Perhaps it might have to be done from a plug-in, but that's starting to get convuluted, and the user needs to be able to use most of the Gimp operations as normal while this is going on... Am I asking too much in either of these cases?

- Michael$trorm