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Image size

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Image size Jim Clark 07 Mar 18:15
Jim Clark
2003-03-07 18:15:02 UTC (over 17 years ago)

Image size

This is a beautiful photo--and only 640 X 480. But it is 250K jpg.....

I loaded it up in GIMP, and did a save, but instead of doing the default jpg settings, if I uncheck optimize, and change the subsampling to 4:2:2 I can get the image size up. And if I look carefully I can see the differences.

But what exactly does optimize do? And subsampling? Grokking the GIMP does not list these in the index. I know you know. The quality of the original is lovely (if the image is rather large). I wonder how much tradeoff I get with the jpg and if there are better choices for those jpg options than the defaults.

Jim Clark