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gimp-curves-spline Volker Lenhardt 16 Sep 11:54
Volker Lenhardt
2002-09-16 11:54:00 UTC (about 18 years ago)



I'm trying to write a script-fu to prepare photos for my inkjet printer (Gimp 1.2.3. for Windows). One of the things is adjusting the colors. So I thought it wise to use the function gimp-curves-spline.

But what is wrong with

(gimp-curves-spline layer 1 6 #(0 0 127 138 255 255))

I get the error message saying wrong type of arguments!? Layer is DRAWABLE. The rest should be integers.

To be exact I get the message under Linux. Under Win98 there's only an error window with no text at all. But I think it's the same one, but not so verbose :-).

Greetings from Volker