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use of tablets, and pen buttons

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use of tablets, and pen buttons Philip Brown 17 Jun 09:47
Philip Brown
2002-06-17 09:47:12 UTC (over 18 years ago)

use of tablets, and pen buttons

howdy folks,
is there a way I dont know about, to use the buttons on a pen (tablet) nicely?

I see a reference on the gimp-FOR-WINDOWS doc, at

about how menus with pen tablets currently needs help. But it implies it is only a problem on the windows platform.

Do people with tablets under linux have no problem, because they normally use the drivers with 'alwayscore' mode on?

Do tablet users normally use the keyboard to switch brushes, and just not use the mouse buttons much?

I think that for those people blessed with a secondary input device, it might be nice to see a menu that was specific to brush use. A limited popup that, rather than the full corepointer rightclick menu, was focused on specific things like Change Brush
Change brush size

and would only pop up when the XINPUT device was clicked, rather than the primary pointing device.

Or maybe a toolbar type of thing on the canvas area that had buttons usable by XINPUT devices in 'window' mode, rather than the floating toolbox thing that isnt.
A toolbar with toolselect, brushsize, and a color palette to quickly and easily change that stuff.

Is this the right place for wishlisty type things?