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Word 97 to html

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Word 97 to html Denis McCauley 29 May 03:53
Denis McCauley
2002-05-29 03:53:20 UTC (over 19 years ago)

Word 97 to html

Hello Mark,
If you are restricted to Windows, there are a few possibilities I can suggest. The easiest
solution is Word 2000 which can open your files and save them as html, though the html code is pretty lousy (there are several programs around especially to clean out the garbage in the html!!). If your pages are text only, Star Office 5.2 will do the trick, but if you have graphic content you will have problems. Another possibility is IMS Web Dwarf, a freeware WYSIWYG editor from
You can open Word or RTF pages in the Web Dwarf text editor then place them on the blank
html page. The text editor will not import the images along with the text and you would have to
import them separately.
Denis McCauley

-----Original Message----- From: Marc BENSOUSSAN ASPEN 9000 [] Sent: Tuesday, May 28, 2002 2:26 PM
To: Subject: [Gimp-user] Word 97 to Html converter?

Word 97 to Html converter? Hello everybody
I have to convert WORD 97 text to HTML for 90 sheets Could you tell me what tool to use?
Best regards
Mark in EU