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Help - Can't create new palette

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Help - Can't create new palette DebraW 12 Oct 20:05
2021-10-12 20:05:07 UTC (8 days ago)
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Help - Can't create new palette

I am trying to create a new palette, but I get an error message saying:

Failed to save data:

You have a writable data folder configured (/Users/debrawilcox/Library/Application Support/GIMP/2.10/palettes), but this folder does not exist. Please create the folder or fix your configuration in the Preferences dialog's 'Folders' section.

I have not a clue as to what to do. I called AppleCare and they said it was a GIMP issue. I installed the latest version of GIMP, but still get the error message.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.