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Preview limitation in Unified Transform

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Preview limitation in Unified Transform BWK 26 Dec 19:45
2020-12-26 19:45:27 UTC (9 months ago)
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Preview limitation in Unified Transform

Unified transform is a great tool, I use it a lot.

I do however find that the preview is quite limiting because it can't show you how the layers will look when the transform is finished.

Layers are drawn on the canvas according to the order they appear in the layer list. When a layer is selected for a unified transform, the preview is always drawn on the top of all other layers, irrespective of the way the layer would be drawn normally.

When you are trying to line up two layers that overlap and you want to get the alignment of them exactly right, it is very difficult to do this with the preview when what you are seeing on the screen is not the same as how it will actually appear after the transform has been completed. I.e. a section of the layer that is being transformed will normally be overlapped by the layer higher up in the list but the preview draws the layer being transformed over the top of this higher up layer instead.

Thanks in advance