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Improvement to Unified Transform - Layer overlap

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Improvement to Unified Transform - Layer overlap BWK 24 Aug 17:17
2020-08-24 17:17:53 UTC (3 months ago)
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Improvement to Unified Transform - Layer overlap

I love the unified transform, I use it a lot, and it has been improved with extra capabilities in the last few releases.

It looks like my previous query about the pivot not being able to be locked in position when using the Readjust feature has been addressed recently so thanks for that.

I would like to ask if it is possible to have a setting in the tool options control the appearance of the preview to follow the expectations from where the layer appears in the layer order. When layers overlap, the layer order controls how they will actually appear after the transform has been completed, but the preview always draws over the top of all other layers, making it challenging to determine what the final appearance will look like when setting up a transform.

Thanks for all the great work you do on Gimp, it is a great package considering it is free.