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'no error' error message

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'no error' error message flexible_fotography 03 Jul 21:23
2020-07-03 21:23:55 UTC (about 1 month ago)
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'no error' error message

occasionally when working with the clone tool this message appears in a box on the screen: unable to read tile data from disc: no error (0 of 12288 bytes read) along with this, a square of the area i'm cloning goes blank. yes, i'm sure the area of the square is 12288 bytes; yes, it's always the same number.

does anyone know what is happening and - more importantly - HOW can i stop it from occurring? it doesn't only happen after i've been cloning a lot, so i don't think that's the cause. happy for any suggestions; this is really a pain in the neck. thank you!