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Resizing an image in Gimp is very slow.

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Resizing an image in Gimp is very slow. CharlesJ-J 14 Feb 17:35
2020-02-14 17:35:06 UTC (3 days ago)
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Resizing an image in Gimp is very slow.

I use Gimp 2.10.14, & my tile cache size is 6GB. I don't understand where the memory usage in the status bar is found, but I have my dashboard up in toolbox and memory is not used up when the slow processing occurs. The image was 11 layers of 623 GB. But I FLATTENED it, to 58.8GB, & then deleted my undo history. When I resized it to 1800px's longest size, the progress bar works 2/3 of the way and then stops and then takes 4 minutes or more, at least, to resize. The dashboard shows no excessive use. I found this problem started when I upgraded to Gimp 2.10.14. Any one any ideas.?

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