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Star Reduction

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Star Reduction Denali 25 Dec 00:07
  Star Reduction Liam R E Quin 25 Dec 02:07
2019-12-25 00:07:18 UTC (9 months ago)
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Star Reduction

How do i reduce star size in 2.10.14 ( Astrophotography )

Denali (via
Liam R E Quin
2019-12-25 02:07:58 UTC (9 months ago)

Star Reduction

On Wed, 2019-12-25 at 01:07 +0100, Denali wrote:

How do i reduce star size in 2.10.14 ( Astrophotography )

Colours->Curves and drag the middle or middle right part downwards?

Filters->Distorts->Value Propagate, more black?

Select the not-star blackness, grow the selection, feather, fill with mid blue in "darken only" mode (to preserve detail in the dark part, if any)?

Send spaceships to build steel spheres round some of the stars? :)

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