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Creating This Effect - Please Help

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Creating This Effect - Please Help NoWhizzKid 14 Nov 18:57
  Creating This Effect - Please Help gstalnaker 14 Nov 20:24
2019-11-14 18:57:14 UTC (8 months ago)
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Creating This Effect - Please Help

Hi everyone, I'm looking for some support as I'd really like to create something like for my husband this Christmas from our bump! Can anyone tell me how I can create this effect from my ultrasound scan please? I don't know how to remove the black background and keep our baby visible with the colourful changes to the scan. I'm not the most savvy gimp user, but would really love some support if you can offer it please? Thank you!

NoWhizzKid (via
2019-11-14 20:24:00 UTC (8 months ago)
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Creating This Effect - Please Help


Without seeing what the ultrasound looks like, folks on the forum are flying blind. We can see where you want to go, but we cannot see from where you're starting.

But ...

If your ultrasound looks like any of those one sees in a Google Image search for "baby ultrasound" I think this is doable.

1. Crop ultrasound as desired to remove unwanted stuff 2. DUPLICATE the ultrasound layer and make it grayscale; Colors -> Desaturate 3. Add an Alpha Channel to it: Right-click layer, select Add Alpha Channel 4. From Colors menu, select Color to Alpha 5. In window that appears, note the Color option, White by default 6. Click it and a color selection window appears, click in the color box on the left in the black corner to make Black the Current color and click OK 7. This makes Black transparent and any color BELOW this layer will show through 8. Add new WHITE layer BELOW the ultrasound image layer 9. Add transparent layers above the WHITE layer but below the ultrasound layer for the colors
10. Use Paint brush to paint on each color with desired color, e.g., brush Oils 01 set to 350 in size (or however you want, different sizes/brushed for different colors).
11. Keeping adding layers for the number of colors you want and paint on them; play around with different brushes and different sizes, too 12. Use Layer Opacity on each COLOR layer, set to 50%; as you do this you should see the white of the ultrasound layer showing over the color layers; vary the opacity % to make differing colors more or less visible.

Something like the attached Gimp file. Note I did NOT clean up the ultrasound image I used for this (found using Google Image search).


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gstalnaker (via