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Xp-PEN Star G640 causes offset

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Xp-PEN Star G640 causes offset Kiwi 14 Nov 12:24
2019-11-14 12:24:26 UTC (8 months ago)
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Xp-PEN Star G640 causes offset

Dear all

I'm an absolute beginner with GIMP and graghic tools in general. However, I got the XP-PEN Star G640 and installed GIMP 2.10.12. With the help of this forum I was able to set also the pressure sensitive settings correctly. When I use the mouse to draw a line, crosshair and pen are congruent as they should. But when using the G640 the crosshair and the pen show a changing position offset!?! See picture "offset". As said, the offset is not static, but depends on the position. Therfore also the effective usable area is reduced. As I have three screens, the effective areas are even different, depending on what screen I open GIMP. See picture "screens". The drawn areas can be accessed, but not more! I am using Win10 and I reinstalled GIMP and also contacted the XP-PEN serivce. Btw. the service from XP-PEN is realy frindly and fast, but they could not help me so far. Using "Windows Ink" or not does not change it also. Please give me a hint what I could try next. Best Regards

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Kiwi (via