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Fonts - candara

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Fonts - candara Evil_Underlord 05 Sep 00:45
2019-09-05 00:45:08 UTC (10 months ago)
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Fonts - candara

I use the Windows font Candara in GIMP on a regular basis. Suddenly, in the last two months,

- previously created text boxes look fine - until I enter them and change anything - then the font becomes thinner - but still Candara. In the font list I now have Candara (the new thin one) and Candara #1 (which doesn't really look like Candara).
Candara (new look) in bold is thicker than old Candara. Candar still shows up fine (only one version, and looks normal) in other applications (Word, PowerPoint).

I've tried uninstalling Candara and Candara Light (part of the same font family), in case the latter is what's screwing GIMP up. I've reset GIMP's font list from the dockable Fonts toolbox. I've added all the Windows font folders to GIMPs font folder list. I've deleted and reinstalled GIMP completely (but may not have found all its settings, if they're not deleted automatically).

This is driving me crazy. Candara works fine everywhere except GIMP, but I can't get it to work there.

It feels like there's something wrong with GIMP's font info - maybe after a Windows update added a Candara Light? - but my efforts haven't fixed it.

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