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question re. color handling

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question re. color handling dep 29 Aug 18:40
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     question re. color handling dep 30 Aug 00:41
2019-08-29 18:40:25 UTC (11 months ago)

question re. color handling

greetings, everyone . . .

since the release of gimp 2.10, i've dealt with an issue whenever i open a file -- it asks me whether i wish to preserve the existing srgb or to convert to gimp's -- even when the image was previously saved in gimp's profile. if in fact i allow it to convert, the result is about a whole stop darker when it is saved, and darker still in thumbnails (gthumb, geeqie). this is a little bit alarming, and i'm not sure what is best to do. surely it serves some function or else it wouldn't be part of the program, but making pictures unusably dark probably isn't what they had in mind.

so would someone be so good as to talk me through the rationale here such that i might intelligently deal with it?



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2019-08-30 00:41:05 UTC (11 months ago)

question re. color handling

said ̵tImposterMO̵ t̵:

| Any of these search results help you? I cant understand what you want. | If you find a helpful link let me know it thank you. | |ile&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8

these don't utterly answer my question, but they are on the right topic, which isn't how to calibrate a monitor:

i'm specifically trying to determine the parameters of the gimp color profile and how when one brings in a picture that already has the embedded gimp color profile it wan't to change to the gimp color profile, which alters the picture even though it shouldn't.


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