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Tutorial: Write a Python plugin in GIMP (HD-VIDEO)

Written by · Created on Feb 19, 2012, last updated about 12 years ago CC BY-NC License


Ever want to know how simple Python is to learn? Kota Weaver explains how to create a simple and useful plugin using Python in GIMP. He starts off by showing you all the basics you need to know and then he explains how to create a script that roates a layer on a given angle as often as you want to create a nice rainbow effect.

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    Download the source file here. To use it copy the .py file into your plug-ins directory of GIMP.


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Kota Weaver
almost 12 years ago

Hopefully, once I get my main computer back up :P

about 12 years ago

Fantastic beginner tutorial for Python filter writing.
Thanks much for sharing it.Will there be more? :)