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A couple of updated plugins.

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A couple of updated plugins. Ken Moffat via gimp-user-list 06 Aug 19:46
Ken Moffat via gimp-user-list
2019-08-06 19:46:01 UTC (10 months ago)

A couple of updated plugins.

Since the registry no longer gets updated, I'll mention these here:

1. A fixed version of the "three exposures" plugin for 2.10. The previous version was missing a command - while it still worked, the screen did not get updated with the results and they could only be seen after doing something else and then undoing that. I fixed this ages ago, but spending time on my website and uploading via cpanel is not one of my favourite activities, so I've only just got a round tuit.

The new version is linked from the bottom of which explains the process, and its limitations.

2. While I was doing that, I also uploaded my fork of the old Advanced Tone Mapping plugin, to

This version began with a suggestion by Helmut Jarausch last year, it is probably a bit more subtle than the old version, but it has what for me is a major benefit: in 2.10 it doesn't crash on (for example) 6000x4000 pixel photos at the default settings - I was looking at example raw photos I downloaded from camera reviews, thinking about getting a new camera and wondering what worked with the tools and processes I use.

It can still be made to crash by increasing the amount, but on all the images where I've tried it at the default amount in the last year, it works fine.

This is quite different (faster, much less dramatic) than the filters shipped with gimp under Colours -> Tome Mapping.

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