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GIMP outputs blurry images, especially to PDF

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GIMP outputs blurry images, especially to PDF I_Will_Listen 25 Mar 14:37
2019-03-25 14:37:00 UTC (4 months ago)
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GIMP outputs blurry images, especially to PDF

No matter what settings I use (at least the settings that I am aware of), when I am outputting a file, the resulting files are blurry and hard to read.

I'm uploading examples so you can see what I mean. In this case I typed up some nonsense in Word, printed it out and scanned it as a PDF. Then I opened the PDF in GIMP and made no changes to the file. Finally, I outputted the files as both a PDF (soft and blurry), and a PNG (okay, but prints out soft and blurry).

If it helps to know this, the original document was scanned at 400x400 black and white.

How do I fix this problem? I tried inputting the original PDF into GIMP at various DPIs and it didn't change anything. Am I just using the wrong software for this sort of thing?