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erode only "thin" areas

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erode only "thin" areas Saara 03 Mar 21:23
2019-03-03 21:23:58 UTC (3 months ago)
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erode only "thin" areas


Is there a way to erode (or something similar) only thin parts, but keep thicker parts intact?

I have a line drawing on a graph paper. I would like to keep all the drawn lines and make all the graph paper lines disappear. If I use erode, it chips away too much of the line drawing. It is not possible to distinguish the lines with colour as the colours are too similar. It would not be easy to select the area I want to keep either as the line drawing is huge and intricate and obviously intersects with the graph lines allover. My drawn lines are around double the width in pixels with respect to the graph lines I would like to get rid off.

Thank you!!!