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Help newbie with plugin dev guidance

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Help newbie with plugin dev guidance MakerMatrix 26 Jun 14:57
2019-06-26 14:57:59 UTC (over 2 years ago)
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Help newbie with plugin dev guidance

I've experience writing code in Perl, C, on UNIX platforms. But new to GTK, gimp plugins, python, and just about anything dev-related on Windows.

I want to write a plugin/app that does the following:

- Opens a GTK dialog that displays an MxN matrix of int values and a few buttons to interact with those values. - Reads data over serial from an Arduino sensor to populate that matrix with measured values. - Once fully populated, allow the user to send the MxN matrix to a GIMP plugin that processes it into an M*S x N*S (where S > 1) 8-bit grayscale image that can then be saved in a format that GIMP probably doesn't already support (that I don't yet fully understand but do have access to code that reads/writes it). - Run on Win/Mac/Linux if possible

If you can please point me to resources/tutorials for learning how to do something like that, I would be grateful. I've already watched 2-3 YT videos on plugin development with script-fu and am about to go check out the tutorials link that I saw when I registered on the site.