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installing older plug-in

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installing older plug-in David_Beroff 19 Jun 18:02
2019-06-19 18:02:18 UTC (over 2 years ago)
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installing older plug-in

The Gaussian Blur plug-in was significantly changed at some point in recent months. When used as a keyboard shortcut, it used to retain the prior blur radius values (et. al.) and would simply work by hitting the Enter key (which acted the same as hitting "OK"), i.e., two quick keystrokes Now, the radius needs to be re-set for every single usage, (either manually, with a Preset, or with a click near "Size X"), the Enter key stopped working, and the selection tool type also gets reset, (whereas before, it wouldn't). I have a team of several people, and they each have to make hundreds of blurs per hour, so this recent change is highly annoying and time-consuming.

Since GIMP is open source, I had a thought that perhaps there would be a way that we could simply resurrect the earlier plug-in version, so my question is: How?

(We're only GIMP users, not developers.)

Thank you!