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Slight patches to the newest gimp logo

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Slight patches to the newest gimp logo C R via gimp-developer-list 29 May 09:15
C R via gimp-developer-list
2019-05-29 09:15:47 UTC (over 2 years ago)

Slight patches to the newest gimp logo

Hey folks, I see the GIMP logo has changed since 2.8. I'd like to suggest the following patch to the logo, which improves the overall look and scalability of the current design slightly.

Changes: made eye-outline black to better match the black outline effect of the head, and added same width outline to paintbrush. The general graphics rule for cartoony style logo with outlines is that IF you have them, they all need to be the same colour. Otherwise, it makes the graphic look less uniform.

Adding a slight black outline also makes the important shapes stand out even when scaled very small.

I like all other changes to the logo, so well done whoever simplified it to get rid of the blurred shadows from the 2.8 logo. :)

Please find the attached sample for review (new patched, version on the right).