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Create your own GIMP 2.8-Splash Screen!
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Author: Trillrund

Submitted at Tue, 08 Feb 2011 04:51:59 +0000, last edited over 13 years ago

About this image

I made it in Gimp 2.6 and it's 600 x 250.
All photos in it is mine.


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Trillrund member for over 13 years Trillrund 4 comments
over 13 years ago

Thanks a lot for nice and usefull coments about this one. My idea with this one was to show howe much fun people can have with Gimp.
To NanoLight2: I see your point and it may be wired to look at but I like to see what's posible with a program I'm starting up. I like to iamage how they made it. Thanks.
To mamboze: I'm not sure if this is a good one for turtoial because I draw that eye with the mouse but it can be done with an other image of an eye too. I used a lot of path to mak it. But the rest is easy. Thanks

NanoLight2 member for over 13 years NanoLight2 6 comments rated this topic with 3/5
over 13 years ago

This is good, although, GIMP doesn't seem like it would have an eye staring out at people as it launches, especially if they are waiting for a long time if they have many extra scripts. The image is a little too busy for being that small. IMO

mamboze member for over 15 years mamboze 15 comments rated this topic with 5/5
over 13 years ago

A strange, surreal and compelling image. It points to the very advanced capabilities of GIMP. Thanx of the xcf file. I would love to see a tutorial of this posted to the site or youtube. Congrats