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Question: Which of these core features of the upcoming GIMP 2.8 are you most eagerly waiting for?

Created at Wed, 23 Mar 2011 19:36:40 +0000
Open until Fri, 30 Sep 2011 00:00:00 +0000

In total, 404 votes has been given:

  • The Single-Window-Mode and docking features as well as the new navigation for open images (174 votes)
  • Layer sets / layer groups to combine certain layers which greatly enhances work with lots of layers (118 votes)
  • The new text tool to work with text directly on canvas (incl. change for color, size, font, style etc.) (41 votes)
  • The all new brush engine that allows to rotate, shear and flip brushes (and more!) – as well as the new tagging system for resources such as brushes, etc. (71 votes)

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almost 13 years ago

@bktheman34: Agreed!

bktheman34 member for about 14 years bktheman34 3 comments
almost 13 years ago

I don't really get all this excitement over "single window mode". What's wrong with just maximising the main image window? I think the other three options in this poll will be more useful.

almost 13 years ago

Actually I am dying to try all the new features. I think my favourite is really going to be the cage tool.

about 13 years ago

I still hope they implement some form of node editing (they had a discussion of this a few months back) since I still feel this is the future of self documenting (hate the term lossless) editing. :)

about 13 years ago

I would like to see Adjustment Layers


about 13 years ago

Will 2.8 have the means/features to insert or manipulate metadata / metadata templates for the images? I have failed to find anything slick in that respect within Gimp. Any help / point to workarounds would be much appreciated.