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The GIMP Magazine #10 features HDR images by Christian Schroll

By at 2015-03-19 14:05:46 UTC, last updated over 8 years ago. CC BY-NC License

Number 10 comes with cool HDR images from Christain Schroll Number 10 comes with cool HDR images by Christain Schroll

Issue 8 and 9 come with calligraphy specials and low light photography Issue 8 and 9 come with calligraphy specials and low light photography

The GIMP Magazine reached it’s 10th issue! In the current one photographer Christian Schroll shows the readers some of his amazing HDR landscape images. Along with this and an interview there is also a detailed tutorial on GIMP and UFRAW (GIMPs RAW image converter plugin).

Starting with the current issue there will also be a funny comic series starring the WILBER! It is done by Aryeom & Jehan. Check their web site too:

Download issue number 10

As you might know the magazine has switched to a monthly release cycle back in December and if you missed the other issues that we’ve not covered in a news article here are the facts at a glance:

Issue#9 covers design concepts and has a tutorial for calligraphy and illustrations. You can download it here:

Download issue number 9

GIMP Magazine no.8 has an interesting topic: Low light photography and images taken in the night times. The reader will get experience in the right aperture settings, ISO levels, stabilization of the image, long exposures and much more. The articles covering this special are written by Ian Muttoo.

Great stuff – don’t miss issue 8!

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