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By at 2012-04-13 01:15:14 UTC, last updated about 11 years ago. CC BY-NC License

GIMPUSERS 2012 A new brown and orange look for

GIMPUSERS 2010 - 2011 GIMPUSERS 2010 - 2011

Our sites ( & are serving the GIMP community for more than 5 years now, and from time to time (speaking of every 1.5 or 2 years) we decide to create a new outfit. So, this is it for now ;) Our aim for this relaunch was “more and bigger images” and a somehow darker look while improving readability of the main content (news, tutorials, forum, contests and comments).

What’s new for now?

  • For easy access, we implemented a new download button on the top right that tries to find the right version of GIMP for everyone automatically (the latest stable version)! This will be improved continuously.
  • We made a widget for our latest and random tutorials (a carousel).
  • News images have been implemented.
  • We’ve made the ability to promote some of the more important stuff to get easy access to it.
  • The starting page now has some statistics and a completely redesigned view for different feeds that are collected from various GIMP-affine websites around the globe.
  • The tutorials pages have been redesigned and got a nice new look.
  • Just a little funny side note: while the GIMP developers are working on the goat-invasion branch we decided to work on the brown-invasion (thats what our branch is named in our git repository for the new site :D)

We will be tweaking and working on the details in the next days and weeks ahead. If you’ve suggestions please feel free to tell us! We’re open for improvements!

That’s it for now – we hope you enjoy the new look and wish you a pleasant time on!


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RodDetmer member for about 13 years RodDetmer 16 comments
about 11 years ago

I really like the new look!

Thumbs up!


Cuban-Pete member for over 12 years Cuban-Pete 8 comments rated this topic with 5/5
about 11 years ago

Looks good! Thank you!

Two small improvements:
- put the context in the center of the screen (on 1920x1680 I need to look left all the time) (on firefox)
- the search at the top is called "suche"

Rantz member for over 13 years Rantz 2 comments rated this topic with 4/5
about 11 years ago

Crisp, clean and easy to navigate.

Well done.

about 11 years ago

Looks very very nice and much more proper and appealing, I feel.
Good work!
(Improvement for me: Site in the middle of the screen)

Coche member for almost 14 years Coche 13 comments
about 11 years ago

I like the new look! the clean and easy readable text (the color palette is pretty nice: orange, black text and the stripes of brown).

What a I don't like that much in my humble opinion, is the techno background, I think it distracts too much. Also the font used for header (title of the news) and the font used in the top navigation bar, the former I think it could be more crispier (the white highlight on the orange text is a little pixelated or looks like artifats for me), and the latter seems like it haves points over certain letters (C,O,S).

Nevertheless, I think is a pleasant new look! and hope it can get even better :)

Mahvin member for over 12 years Mahvin 4 comments
about 11 years ago

Love the new look! Good job!

Bearsly member for over 12 years Bearsly 6 comments
about 11 years ago

Totality AWESOME new layout! Awesome !

Su Smith
about 11 years ago

Love it!

Lyle member for about 11 years Lyle 91 comments
about 11 years ago

Yes; I noticed it late yesterday (or was it early this morning). I like it. :)