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How will a fully GEGL powered GIMP look like?

By at 2010-06-13 18:14:08 UTC, last updated over 12 years ago. CC BY-NC License

Many of you already know that the free graph based library GEGL is still being integrated into GIMP currently. So what about some visions how GIMP could work or look like when integration is finished and new features are implemented?

This years LGM (the Libre Graphics Meeting, a meeting where developers and interesed users of open source graphics software show their progresses and talk about different things related to their programs) brings us two GIMP related presentations:

The first one is all about the intro text above: Peter Sikking, one of the core people that are working on GIMPs User Interface, is talking about a vision of a fully GEGL-powered GIMP. It’s a nice and interesting talk (also for people that don’t know much about GEGL, because he gives a nice intro to GEGL in the beginning too).

You can find the video here:

The second presentation was done by Akkana Peck, author of a very good GIMP book. She talks about plug-ins in Python and Script-fu and how to write your own extensions, which is pretty good to know because GIMP is built very modular and lots of filters etc. are being ‘outsourced’ as plugins.

You can find the video here:

Enjoy the videos!


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over 12 years ago

I agree with you Marco. This would make self-documenting edits child's play (hate the term non-destructive). :)

Marco Diego Aurélio Mesquita
over 12 years ago

I think a node-based-compositor-like interface for GEGL in GIMP would totally rock.

over 12 years ago

Hello, presentations are interesting, but I do not know English well.
It is easier to understand the text, because I can translate it with Google Translate.

GIMP is using for me, pleasure and joy, science is not difficult.
In Poland there are many fans of the GIMP, because it is a valuable program.

Yours sincerely, good luck.