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When will GIMP 2.8 be released?

By at 2010-01-12 14:13:42 UTC, last updated over 11 years ago. CC BY-NC License

While the developers still work continuous on the next version of GIMP there comes, of course, the question of a release date. Will GIMP 2.8 yet reach us in 2010?

Previously on GIMP: In late autumn 2009 GIMP 2.8 could have been released, because it was in a good state of developement. However there were no big new features in it. Most work has been done under the surface, mostly invisible for GIMP users. The developers then decided to skip that release date and include more cool new features to make it a more famous release. The starting point for layer groups and a single window mode were made besides other features.

GIMP is still making good progress! However GIMP developer Martin Nordholts has now published a document on the official mailing lists containing a list of features that were originally planned for GIMP 2.8. He calculates 8-hour-working days for certain features and suggests to skip some features for the upcoming release to get GIMP 2.8 out still in 2010. The document is though based on one working person and no features are assigned to specific persons.

Update [Jan 26th 2010]: Nevertheless – even if you consider more than one man or woman working on GIMP – the release date of 2.8 is fairly unknown and invisible on the horizon. Yes, we can only hope that 2010 will be the year of GIMP 2.8. As from our position as a community site and from the current point of view we think that it will maybe come in the first half of 2011.

Read on the developers list: GIMP 2.8 schedule


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annie member for over 11 years annie 2 comments
over 11 years ago

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annie member for over 11 years annie 2 comments
over 11 years ago

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over 11 years ago

I love GIMP as an alternative to photoshop. I actually used it during my photoshop class because I could not afford photoshop. I am all for donating to the cause. I can't wait for the next upgrade for GIMP.

over 11 years ago

Expand the color space options (cmyk, etc) for 2.8.. vector layers can wait until 3.0.

the lack of native CMYK support is scaring off lots of potential "switchers"..

over 11 years ago

I think the best way is either help development or donate money to the cause. I am getting people interested in using gimp as an alternative to photoshop for 2D animation. Hoping that they might donate money to gimp than wasting money buying adobe stuff.

almost 12 years ago

@Inge: hopefully developer consider hiring a full time developer, gimp is progressing too slow... Just one guy working full time would make a big diference.

almost 12 years ago

@Marcus: Different people, different needs, different preferences. I'm happy Gnome user, and I'm happy that I can choose - maybe one day I will like KDE more and then I will use it

almost 12 years ago

@Inge: It's such a mess how energy gets "lost" in all those competing distros and in this kde gtk thing...

Inge Wallin
almost 12 years ago

The problem is becoming more and more moot for every month that goes by. Krita, the pixel image editor in KOffice is pretty feature complete but slow in version 2.1. They have now hired a full time developer to speed it up, and 2.2 (release in may) will be both featureful and fast. And Krita already supports most of the fabled features of Gimp 2.8. And it supports so many color models, including CMYK, not only loading and saving, but actually in filters and other operations too.

devvv member for over 15 years devvv 1475 comments
almost 12 years ago

corrected the news: there was no plan to release gimp 2.8 in october, it was only in a releaseable state in late autumn. but no concrete plans of a release.

jolie member for over 12 years jolie 5 comments
almost 12 years ago


Some links to GIMP tutorials

Shieldmaiden member for almost 12 years Shieldmaiden 2 comments
almost 12 years ago

Unfortunaly is translated by Google from french to some kind of english. But its something.

almost 12 years ago

For shieldmaiden : if you need tutorials about GIMP,
look at
There are more than 900 GIMP tutorials on

devvv member for over 15 years devvv 1475 comments
almost 12 years ago

as for the vector layers i know that they are not totally finished - and the original soc programmer semms not to finish them. the other devs have other things to do, so they most likely will be skipped for the next release unless someone decides to put some time inthe vector l. to polish that feature. also the gimp core has changed so some rework is possible i think...

GIMP user
almost 12 years ago

I don't understand this:

Why drop the vector layers? Their code was developed in 2006, and I think that it should be integrated in GIMP because most of the work is done, and these work shouln't be wasted.

Vector layers are usefult, They allow to create shapes and change them very fast wihout the need of redraw a path.

Why have GIMP 2.8 tomorrow if We need wait another year for this interesting feature?

Please, keep vector layers in GIMP 2.8. GIMP is a great project, and We can wait some weeks more if the next release has this feature.

Also, thanks to all GIMP developers, because GIMP is a very useful tool.

almost 12 years ago

Streamlining-- versions with- tuts for that version, or what ever is appropriate.

Shieldmaiden member for almost 12 years Shieldmaiden 2 comments
almost 12 years ago

Looking forward to GIMP 3.0 and whats will come before.
But what we realy need is a profesional GIMP-portal. It takes hours to find turturials, add-ons etc etc on Google.