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Ubuntu 10.04: GIMP will be "Professional Software"

By at 2009-11-27 02:15:11 UTC, last updated about 13 years ago. CC BY-NC License

In the next version of the well known Linux distribution Ubuntu (10.04 – Lucid Lynx) the Ubuntu developers decided to adjust the default applications. GIMP will be classified as software for specialists which means that GIMP will not be installed by default any longer.

Of course many users dislike the change but it makes sense: GIMP does not fall into the category of software a standard user needs to make simple photo manipulation. It is more a professional high-end software like Cinelerra, Inkscape or Blender. None of these appplications are installed by default.

GIMP can of course be easily installed by using Ubuntus easy-to-use new Software Center or simply by typing “aptitude install gimp” in a terminal window.

The GIMP devs mostly agree with the decision as you can read in the thread GIMP to be removed from Ubuntu Lucid Lynx?

The Ubuntu people have a summary on this topic here:


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about 13 years ago

I have been using Gimp for years, and used it instead of Photoshop or any windows photo program. I think it is one of the very best photo editors available, but ever since installing Ubuntu 10.04 I can neither download it using the Software Center or going to Gimp to download it manually... Being a newbie to Ubuntu and Linux, perhaps I am not seeing the forest for the trees, but having learned to use Gimp under Windows for years I didn't find the learning curve half as daunting as trying to do installs in Linux...

If anyone who is a Linux Ubuntu Guru might like to help this old Navy Chief get his Photo Editor back on Ubuntu, I would greatly appreciate it. I use Gmail and Gmail chat also Skype.. Look for me as maheanuu_tane for Skype and for gmail or google chat my email addy is

Thanks much and hope to hear from someone and it is almost fete time here and I am going to need my editor very badly for the next 2 months...

Rodney member for almost 14 years Rodney 1 comment
over 13 years ago

I think your decision to make Gimp available but not on the basic ISO us a good one. Since it is quite large and many people do not use it, why fill up the CD with it. It is still just as available and easily installed if desired. Personally, I like GIMP and found it easy to instal later.

over 13 years ago

Have you seen OpenOffice's draw app? It's just like Inkscape. I agree with fenton let's have the best of the best by default.

over 13 years ago

If you need all of these packages included, get Ubuntu Studio 10.04.

fenton rated this topic with 2/5
over 13 years ago

leave the main stream marketing to M$ and Crapple. Lets create a "GNU Age" with something everyone else cannot compare. Default install with the best of the best.

Mészáros Csaba
over 13 years ago

PROFESSIONAL? No, Gimp isn't a professional image processing app. It lacks at least two features for that title:
1. CMYK support. Not with plugins, but built-in. Unless that a decent photo processer will never count it as serious application.
2. On-canvas filter preview. It's VEEERY boring when you have to change some values and the do/undo backtracking process till you get the desired result.

Gimp is excellent, and with this Single-window mode they'll leave behind the era of primitivism of floating windows. Still, it needs a lot to be consider as 'professional'.

Ubuntu: I don't know why they are still keep up with 1 CD size, instead of having a full Linux experience with more apps. Ubuntu Studio rescues them, hovever.

JUstme rated this topic with 5/5
over 13 years ago

Whatever. GIMP, Inkscape, Blender etc NEED to be default applications.

If you got it, flaunt it. Simple as that. Include the best of the best.

over 13 years ago

Mandriva come with inkscape by default and i see that as good decision from the developers .

over 13 years ago

The Ubuntu 10.04 release is near. Recently the Ubuntu 10.04 final version was made avaialble to testers for testing.It is also known as Lucid Lynx. This technology supports kernel mode-setting for Linux kernel image boot more fluid between the boot and start X server. I am a Linux- Ubuntu user and I am very much eager to get the Ubuntu 10.04. I got the information about this from:

nachturnal member for over 13 years nachturnal 2 comments
over 13 years ago

@Terry Pinfold: What video-playing issues? I've had Ubuntu for a few months and have never, never had any issues with playing videos. Unless you count perpetually accidentally closing VLC.

Terry Pinfold
over 13 years ago

Keep GIMP. I was blown away with how complete Unbuntu was compared to Windows. Open office and Gimp blow Windoes out of the water for $0. The issue of playing video files was a put off which ultimately pushed me back to Windows XP and 7.

redforce member for about 17 years redforce 230 comments
almost 14 years ago

Who said anything about \"dropping\"? Dropping means \"removing from the repositories\" from me. I don\'t think Ubuntu is the same as the packages on the Ubuntu Live CD but rather the repositories.

By the way, I know several people who use Ubuntu Linux and ONE of them uses GIMP - and he\'s a graphics professional and knows how to install his software (not saying that the one command or click in the Software Center would be so complicated).

23dornot23d member for about 14 years 23dornot23d 10 comments
almost 14 years ago

Ubuntu 10.04: GIMP will be \"Professional Software\"

so they decide to drop it ?

But create a thread called ..... Bye Bye Gimp ....

with the chance to vote it off using these two lines

Yes, I agree with developers that Gimp is too complicated 258 42.64%
No, I think this is major step back for Ubuntu. 347 57.36%


.... they are dropping it beacause it is becoming too complicated ..... just does not ring true ...

I never saw the word Professional Software used once on the UBUNTU site ......

and the voting .... people still believe its a bad thing to remove GIMP ....

Good publicity would be UBUNTU 10.04 thinks that GIMP is such Professional software they are making it a showcase for their NEW RELEASE ....

But no ... they are replacing it with F-SPOT ....

almost 14 years ago

Dan, 27 Nov 2009 03:41 AM

It\'s like giving GIMP the respect it deserves. More than that, to me it gives me that feeling that i\'m using something that \"usual\" people don\'t use. The feeling of professional software, you got to download it and install it, to have it.

My Reaction:
And paid?

Let\'s not try to trick ourselves.
The only difference in using something that normal people don\'t use is how you use it.

For professional results you need:
professional software + professional user.

It\'s the second ingredient that should make your neck thick, not the first.

almost 14 years ago

They should remove the Whole mono-stack instead of the Gimp.

Ubuntu is being transformed into something.
(What? Don\'t know what it will become.)

But the thing is, Gimp is a very good much-used application. A lot of people edit pictures and don\'t want to have a paint clone on Linux.
Only they will not search for it as most experienced users do.

Further, Mono-proponents are trying to replace Gimp with F-spot, which frankly has a lot of downsides. It\'s only for placing hooks for .NET in a couple of years.

People, listen to yourself talking about \'Elite\' software, it\'s being put away and your happy with it? You\'re being manipulated with the Elite thought. Know what stuff are being put further? Garbage!!

almost 14 years ago

thanks the information, you are very good blog

almost 14 years ago

No. I don\'t mean that DVD. I mean one that includes more software, not just more language packs. As it says on Ubuntu\'s website concerning the DVD: \"Don\'t be confused, even though DVDs can hold far more data than the typical Ubuntu CD, the main benefit of the DVD downloads is to get access to all of the available language packs.\"

redforce member for about 17 years redforce 230 comments
almost 14 years ago

Scott: Do you mean this DVD?

almost 14 years ago

How long will it be before is also classified "professional" and not installed, either? Evolution clearly tries to match the features of the professional Outlook client.

Let's just install a bare bones text editor, a crappy image editor with few features, a stripped-down word processor, no spreadsheet (that would be too professional), and a simple web browser.

They seem to be trying to match the mediocrity of Windows here. I could understand if it was just about the disk space issue. But they could just as easily create a second version of the distribution on DVD.

I think, though, that if that is not going to happen, and I don't think it will, that a good solution to not including it at all, and giving newcomers the impression that Linux has nothing comparable to Photoshop, would be to place a menu item in the Graphics sub-menu that offers to install GIMP, and Scribus, and Inkscape, and so on. It wouldn't take much space, and it would advertise the fact that there is some pretty awesome software available that does what you happen to looking for right now. Just click here to install it.

mamboze member for over 14 years mamboze 15 comments
almost 14 years ago

I agree with this. Congrats to the GIMP developers, you guys have done a fantastic job. You have demonstrated very clearly that even in the hi-tech area of graphics apps, open source software can equal and, IMO, exceed the best efforts of commercial offerings (read Photoshop).

Go GIMP, it's the best.

almost 14 years ago

It's like giving GIMP the respect it deserves. More than that, to me it gives me that feeling that i'm using something that "usual" people don't use. The feeling of professional software, you got to download it and install it, to have it.