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GIMP 2.8 development: Single window mode at the surface! [1st screenshot!]

By at 2009-10-07 00:30:47 UTC, last updated almost 13 years ago. CC BY-NC License

Martin Nordholts is making great progress on the single window feature for GIMP 2.8!

As you can read on his blog he is making good progress on hacking on this great feature that is so wanted by so many users. Also there is a combined GIT master already, so nothing holds you back to try the current state by yourself!

There is also a first screenshot that shows the single window mode in action :)

Martins Blog: Chromecode


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almost 13 years ago

I can\'t wait until the single window system is available for mac. It\'s the only think I don\'t like about GIMP.

rocknrolf77 member for almost 15 years rocknrolf77 1 comment
almost 13 years ago

As long as I still get the option to turn it off I welcome it. The gimps gui makes a lot more sense if you have multiple monitors.

Bulgar J.
almost 13 years ago

FINALLY! Multiple windows is one of the biggest reasons why I switched from GIMP to Photoshop. I HATE having to muss about trying to find that elusive window or close one window down or move it to see the toolbox. This is awesome!

almost 13 years ago

Wow, it looks very nice and deat. I hope there is an option to choose between single window and multiple windows. Like a snapping function. I'm looking forward to this! I can't wait to play around with it.

almost 13 years ago

I try to clear my display as much as possible and not being able to close tools has been irritating. I vote for single window option, also being able to toggle visibility of all tabs

almost 13 years ago

I look forward to it. The GIMP developers are taking Gimp in the right direction for professional image editing.

almost 13 years ago

So nice. This is I'm looking for!!

almost 13 years ago

We have screenshots too at And really big ones.
Have a look at,572.msg5029.html#msg5029

almost 13 years ago

all i can say.. yes yes yes! thank you

almost 13 years ago

amazinig! i want it now :D

Darling Presley
almost 13 years ago

Looking GREAT!!!!! Can't wait to get my hands on

almost 13 years ago

Looks pretty cool!!

almost 13 years ago

I'd like to mention that you will probably also need to compile your own GTK+, as it requires GTK+ >=2.16.6 (I'm running Arch Linux, one of the most bleeding-edge distros, and 2.16.5 is the latest version in the Arch repository. I expect even older versions are far more common for more sedate distros like Ubuntu)

The screenshot makes me drool;) I much prefer single-window interface, as in eg. Grafx2. But I'll have to wait, as I can't seem to compile my own GTK+ without weird tablet problems happening. By then, hopefully single-window mode will be nearing completion and I'll be able to try it out with less lumps :)

almost 13 years ago

wohohhooowoo great news for the whole community!!

eyesofflys member for over 14 years eyesofflys 1 comment
almost 13 years ago

Cool i like it good job.

almost 13 years ago

Nice it looks very good, Keep up the good work.