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Will GIMP 2.8 come in a single window mode?

By at 2009-09-06 01:51:50 UTC, last updated about 13 years ago. CC BY-NC License

There is an interesting message of Martin Nordholts, one of the core developers of GIMP, in the official mailing list about GIMP 2.8 being shipped in a single window mode.

GIMP 2.8 is being the new base for cool new features in the future because GEGL will then be used for the complete image processing in the GIMP core. In GIMP 2.8 the old and new code is available, but after 2.8 most of the old code will be thrown away and the core will only work with GEGL from that time on. The developers want to focus on implementing new GEGL-based features after 2.8 instead of working on the (single windowed) UI (which is an all time issue in GIMP). (and this would also prevent one or more developers on hacking on GEGL of course). Because of that it is possible that the single windowed UI will already come with GIMP 2.8 instead of 2.10. Gread idea, however it is still to be decided. Stay tuned on an update on that topic!

Read the full posting here:


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about 13 years ago

I would second the above. Keep the multi-window option. Reminds me of recent FLOSS developments. Everyone wants the Ribbon in OO.o, everyone wants single window environment, everyone wants to edit X config files to put back ctrl alt backspace. I use FLOSS and Linux because its different, original and most times works better. I have CS3 but still prefer using the Gimp with its layout. Don't throw out freedom and Linux philosophy just to ape proprietary software.

about 13 years ago

Keep the option for multi-window. I have CS2, but GIMP's been my main editor for over 10 years now. I like multi-windows (brain's weird like that I guess). Right now I clicked (or was it un-clicked) and option so that I can have multi-windows. Just what I like and am glad that at least 2.8 will have that option. Customization; that's why I like GIMP. :)

about 13 years ago

Single window is a huge improvement for my workflow. However, in some situations it's very convenient to have the multiple windows.
Thanks for the single window thing.
But please make it possible to drag toolboxes and stuff to their own windows. To keep the idea of freedom alive in gimp and support all types of workflow.

Michael Schumacher
about 13 years ago

When taking Peter's previous work on the GIMP UI into account (,, I expect the single window mode to be more or less unlike the wishes or fears of most of us.

about 13 years ago

oh,no.I anti singe GUI.The singe mode is very poll for 800pxX600px.Today,I useing better in 2.4.7

about 13 years ago

yes,It's should be very coollll!!!

about 13 years ago

It's the best news I never thought to listen! (sorry for my bad english)

about 13 years ago

I am a multi-tasker and multiple windows is what I use GIMP for. I like to keep my reference images in the background and my main image in the foreground, and to undermine choice of windows would be to undermine Linux philosophy. If you put GIMP in a single-window mode I will NOT use its newest version! Please oh please continue giving us users the choice to have it in single or multiple windows.

Pigeon member for over 13 years Pigeon 5 comments
about 13 years ago

Absolutely the LAST thing I want is a single-window mode. The reason being that I do not have a monitor six feet across. Multiple windows are an absolute requirement to be able to work on an image without constantly scrolling here there and everywhere.

WWWWolf member for about 13 years WWWWolf 4 comments
about 13 years ago

Sure, as long as it's an *option*. I can't understand how the minds of people who want single window GIMP really work or how they manage to wrap their heads around that weird and alien and incomprehensible concept, but if that's what they want, sure, they can have it as long as people with multi-window-oriented brains can do their work too. =)

Duncan Snowden
about 13 years ago

I just hope they make it optional. I can't stand MDIs.

about 13 years ago

Having used Gimp daily for about 4 years now on Linux, I'd *still* rate single window mode as more important to me than anything else that could be added to Gimp (GEGL, layer groups etc).

End the madness and may Gimp reign forever!

(@Michael - I'd think of Photoshop more as an overpriced, locked off Gimp, rather than the other way around! ;-)

about 13 years ago

This would be a great addition. I can't wait to see what else the developers can do with the "Free Photoshop"!

about 13 years ago

That would be awesome! However if Linux the multiple windows are not a big problem. Only on Windows these multiple windows cannot be handled so well, so for windows users this would be a great addition!

about 13 years ago

Hope it goes with the new single window mode, the multiple windows cover quickly all my taskbar in my old PC, and always gets in the way when i'm editing an image! thanks developers!

about 13 years ago

i think that the horizontal scroll bar should extend farther because right now im zooming in at 100% to add very detailed touches and when im at the very left or right of the screen, i will have to move the layers toolbox to see the very edge of the picture. also i hope that they make more filters in gimp 2.8