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GIMP 2.6 translations need your help!

By at 2008-09-16 17:38:46 UTC, last updated over 14 years ago. CC BY-NC License

As we’ve just read on Sven Neumanns weblog GIMP needs some help with translations for the upcoming GIMP 2.6 release.

There the following can be read:

“If you want to help translating GIMP to your language, please get in contact with the GNOME translation team for your language and offer your help. Please do not send me or other GIMP developers translations. As we most probably don’t speak your language, we can’t judge the quality of the translations. It’s the job of your translation team to do this. So if you want to contribute, please join your team.”

The status of the different translations is pretty bad, so please help if you can!


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devvv member for over 16 years devvv 1475 comments
over 14 years ago

hopefully pretty soon ;) don't think that it will take more then 2 weeks from now.

over 14 years ago

I wonder when GIMP 2.6 will be released