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GIMP 2.5.3 development snapshot released

By at 2008-08-24 00:59:43 UTC, last updated almost 14 years ago. CC BY-NC License

Today the GIMP developers released the (probably) last version in den 2.5-development branch: 2.5.3 offer lots of new features and improvements.

After 2.5.3. the developers want to publish their first release candidate of GIMP 2.6. This should be probably somewhen in late September hopefully.

Meanwhile try to compile 2.5.3 yourself and help the developers find some bugs. The changes can be seen here (directly from the developers-news):

Changes in GIMP 2.5.3

- some fixes for the 64-bit Windows platform - optionally emulate brush dynamics when stroking a path or selection - further work on the scroll-beyond-image-borders feature, improving the behavior of the image display when zooming or when the image size changes - added links to the user manual to the Tips dialog - largely rewritten scaling code improves scaling quality, in particular when scaling down - allow to copy-on-write from the image projection - added “Paste as new layer” to Edit menu - added “New from visible” to the Layer menu allowing to create a new layer from the image projection - added new procedure ‘gimp-layer-new-from-visible’. - renamed all file plug-in executables to a have a file prefix - changed the HSV color selector to use the GtkHSV widget - changed the default for the ‘trust-dirty-flag’ gimprc property - dropped the “Starburst” logo script - improved the behavior of the zoom button in the upper right corner of the image window - allow PDB procedures to pass an error message with their return values - changed all file plug-ins to pass their error messages with the return values instead of raising an error dialog - adapt the display of the pointer position in the statusbar to the pointer precision of the active tool - bug fixes and code cleanup


Sven Neumann, Michael Natterer, Martin Nordholts, Alexia Death,
Tor Lillqvist, Geert Jordaens, Daniel Eddeland, Aurimas Juška,
Róman Joost, Luidnel Maignan, LightningIsMyName, Aurore Derriennic

We’ve added the sourcecode to our downloads page! Some help for compiling can be found here:


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devvv member for almost 16 years devvv 1475 comments
almost 14 years ago

Don Miguel: it is somehow difficult to compile the GIMP for windows - only few people know how to do this right. we all better wait for a 2.6 release candidate which will hopefully be available also for windows users ;)

i guess spanish language is already fully available for GIMP, Jose Benito - have a look at the official website!

Don Miguel
almost 14 years ago

Wouldn't it be nice if someone could provide a Windows executable version of GIMP 2.5.3, so that Windows users can also help in helping the developers test-drive it before the final 2.6 release? This would benefit those who has no compiler (or experience in compiling). Thanks

Jose Benito
almost 14 years ago

I am testing your software Gimp, is very interesting, if is possible help you translate to spanish, write to me, without charge. I believe, need documentation for use Gimp.
Jose Benito