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Update: New Feature: Minichat

By at 2007-05-20 10:50:44 UTC, last updated almost 17 years ago. CC BY-NC License

UPDATE: After further testing we decided to temorarily deactivate the minichat. The main reason was that AJAX is unable to handle requests on subdomains (which are considered as cross-domains). Maybe the minichat will return sometime.


There is not much news in the GIMP universe at the moment. And while still translating our tutorials from German to English we’ve created a small new site feature for you.

Our new Minichat (found to the right) allows our users to ask small questions, answer them or just chat about GIMP. Remeber that we’re in a testing phase at the moment, and we sometimes take the chat offline.

Some details:
If you’re logged in to the site, you are posting under your nickname while other guests get a number. If you click into the chat-field the chat is more often updated.


Post your own comments, questions or hints here. The author and other users will see your posting and can reply to it.

Of course, you can also ask in the chat.

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