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Selective pixelization / Covering up tattoos

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Selective pixelization / Covering up tattoos youretearingmeapart_tw 02 Jan 21:08
2020-01-02 21:08:34 UTC (over 2 years ago)

Selective pixelization / Covering up tattoos

I'm currently trying to cover up tattoos in a few photos, with moderate succeas. I'm drawing over the tattoos by picking up a surrounding cover, and then drawing over a small part of the tattoo with it using the paintbrush tool. The problem is that it's very obvious that the picture is edited. The difference between the different colored areas is very noticeable, and the covered parts look way too smooth. Selecting the areas in question and then running a very mild pixelize filter on them doesn't work because a) I'd need something like a 0.6 pixel value, and it doesn't let me go lower than 1, nor can I enter fractions, and b) it doesn't give ne an option to soften the edges. I tried looking for an add-on that would let me use the pixelize filter like a brush, but didn't find anything. I've also been unsuccessful trying to solve the problem using the airbrush.

If anyone knows a solution, that would be really great.