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cvs is not scary

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cvs is not scary Carol Spears 16 Apr 20:19
Carol Spears
2003-04-16 20:19:59 UTC (over 17 years ago)

cvs is not scary

i don't know if the site is still up or not, but you can access it from gnomecvs.

this page was generated from the file /unix/stable-cvs-get.htrw. getting and using this is described in the comments of this file:

sorry to show this stuff in such a rough way. i went about the normal channels to get this site going. all those avenues seem dead.

my enthusiasm for converting the files settled with my excitement to write the how to compile 1.3 cvs gimp how to.

the current site is a total embarrassment. i suggest that someone with some free time, check out the MAINTAINERS file included in the last gimp tarball and see if you can get cvs access and work on things here.

quitting was the only thing i did that they respected and acknowledged.

my suggestion is not to use the usual channels to get this thing launched. they do not work.