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Embedded jpg info

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Embedded jpg info Nigel Ridley 14 Apr 19:12
Nigel Ridley
2003-04-14 19:12:27 UTC (over 17 years ago)

Embedded jpg info

I downloaded some pics from my digital camera into Konqueror (KDE 3.0) but something happened in the process and now Konqueror won't display the thumbnails for all of them.
I have tried renaming them, copying them to a different dir and even using the Gimp to cteate a new image - ctrl a, ctrl c and pasting into the new image, then saving as a completely different file name - all to no avail; Konq still will not show it as a thumbnail. I did have a partial success by only selecting a small portion of the image and pasting it into a new image then saving it under a new name - which leads me to believe that there is some info embedded in the actual jpg data.

How can I erase that info so that Konq will display the images as thumbnails?



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