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Fw: Enhanced tiffset

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Fw: Enhanced tiffset Kevin Myers 10 Jan 11:36
Kevin Myers
2003-01-10 11:36:43 UTC (over 18 years ago)

Fw: Enhanced tiffset

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From: "Kevin Myers"
Cc: "Kevin Myers"
Sent: Friday, January 10, 2003 4:30 AM Subject: Enhanced tiffset


I've just developed an enhanced version of the tiffset tool that is


with libtiff. This version provides the ability to change the values of many more tags and tag types. The new version is named tiffset2, and both


Win 32 executable and the source code is attached.

The primary reason that I developed this was to provide a fast and easy


to change the x and y resolution metadata values in TIFF image headers. This allows one to effectively change the physical image dimensions


changing the number of pixels, for example. I needed to do this to work around a bug in the GIMP v1.2.4 which seems to affect images greater than about 187.5 feet in any dimension (yes, my images are that long!).

I started from version 1.2 of tiffset, and did a fair amount of re-work to support the additional tags and types. However, it is quite obvious that much more could still be done. Additionally, I am NOT an expert C


by any stretch of the imagination. So, any comments, suggestions, and corrections would be appreciated and well received.

I'm not familiar with using CVS to check modifications in and out, so I haven't made any attempt to upload this new version to any central code repository. Perhaps someone else would consider doing that...?

Meanwhile, I hope this may prove useful to some of you out there. If so, then perhaps this new version could be included with a future release of


libtiff tools.


P.S. - This utility uses and requires libtiff, in case that wasn't already obvious.

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