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Replace colors (beginner question)

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Replace colors (beginner question) joel grimes 03 Sep 06:16 07 Oct 20:15
  Replace colors (beginner question) Jeff Trefftzs 03 Sep 07:01
joel grimes
2002-09-03 06:16:09 UTC (about 18 years ago)

Replace colors (beginner question)

I'm trying to replace all of one color with another.

I tried right-click, select-by color, then pick an item with the color I want to replace - it seems to select properly.

THEN I try and use bucket fill to fill that selection and I get nothing.

I would expect that this would replace the entire selection with the current fg color. It isn't - I think it's just replacing it with color of the selected region (i.e. it does nothing).

New user, using windows


Jeff Trefftzs
2002-09-03 07:01:25 UTC (about 18 years ago)

Replace colors (beginner question)

Are you sure that (a) you are filling with the foreground color and (b) that you have changed the foreground color? I just tried this, and it worked fine for me. But you do need to make sure that the foreground color has been changed. If you've selected a blackish region to start with, and the fg color is still black, nothing will appear to have happened.