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(no subject) 20 Jun 21:55
2002-06-20 21:55:16 UTC (over 18 years ago)

(no subject)

John Culleton wrote:

>I want to put a black border around a (mostly white) image so that it will >stand out on a white web page. Any suggestions? >
>I tried the shif/click method of creating a straight line with pencil but it >didn't seem to work for me. Can someone walk me through it step by step? >
>John Culleton

Hi John
Another suggestion: add the dimensions of your border to the dimensions of your original image then create a new image with the resulting dimensions in the color of your border (eg black). Copy/paste your original image onto this background; flatten the resulting image and save. It's so simple it works on even the most limited graphics editors. Cheers
Denis McCauley